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A glam-formation for Valentine's day!

As cliched as it sounds, I actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day because I believe in cherishing loved ones everyday and not just once a year.

However, I am going to use it as opportunity to nourish my skin a bit more followed by a glamorous makeup look that you can consider if you are dolling up tonight.

Let the glam-formation begin!

Step 1: Skin care

By now I'm sure you all know that I'm such a sucker for good skin, so of course the glam process has to begin with a pampering skin care routine.

1. Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are amazing skin exfoliators. I am in love with the Matcha scrub by Apothecary by Mamta N. As per the instructions, I rub this scrub on my wet skin in shower. This gently exfoliates any dry areas. This scrub is perfect for the face as well. The end result is baby soft skin.

2. Toner & lotion up

After rinsing and drying, tone your face and lotion up your body. The L'oreal White Perfect toner acts as an advanced peeling agent that helps smoothen the skin surface. The Ted Baker Mint Body Lotion is perfect for adding the lost moisture.

3. Face & eye mask

End the skincare routine with a good face and eye mask, like the Sephora second skin fibre mask.

Step 2: Makeup

Let's hop on to the makeup part. I'm going with a look that I learned in one of the classes conducted by Tamana Roshan from @dressYourFace.

1)Base makeup

Double click on the grid for detailed steps:

2)Eye makeup

Double click on the grid below to find out how I did my eyes.

3) Everything is better with glittery lips

Double click on the grid below to find out how I did my lips.

I wanted to do something special and sparkly for the lips. Of course you could skip the glitter part for a super classy and sexy look. But if you want a modern twist then add some glitter.

Final Look

Ciao bellas xx

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