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"Strobing" - how to do it!

Looking for that healthy glow? The answer to that is Strobing.

Strobing is also known as highlighting. The only difference is that strobing uses shimmery products. The term is new but the technique has been in this industry since forever.

Do I need to invest a lot for this technique?

Unlike contouring and highlighting this one doesn't need any special talent. It takes seconds to do it using the existing products and tools from your makeup makeup box.

You can use any illuminating product like a shimmery eyeshadow or even a white shimmery gloss.

The tool required for this is either a fan brush, any eyeshadow brush or even your finger tips.

Do you have a favourite highlight?

My current favourite is Champagne pop by BECCA in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I even like Strobe of Genius by NYX.

How to Strobe my face?

Take some product on the desired tool and gently apply on your cheekbone:

brow bones:

center of your forehead:

down the bridge of your nose:

right above your lips on the cupid bow:

and on your chin:

This is where light would naturally fall on your face. This results in that perfect glow in your complexion.

If using liquid or cream products than i would suggest that you use your finger tips as the warmth from your finger tips will melt the product and make it easy to apply and create a flawless finish. Just dab and spread.

Glow away ladies!

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