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Contour like a Pro

Contour and highlight are two words we keep seeing on social media. It truly does play a major role in transforming a face.

My round face has taught me to excel in contouring and highlighting as it gives me beautiful cheekbones, a chiseled jaw line and of course a slimmer looking face.

I do this every time I apply makeup. But I make it more deeper when i have to go for a party or nights out.

Contouring and highlighting has been there since many many years. I remember learning this trick from Bassra when I first did my Master course with her around nine years back.

At that time I had bought three different colour foundation i.e. my skin tone, a darker colour for contouring and a lighter colour for highlighting.

Obviously now that this technique has become so popular, makeup companies have contouring and highlighting palettes in a range of colours and texture, that is cream and powder.

There are even contouring/highlighting duo stick and of course the tubes with small brushes on one side.

But let's make this simple and not complicate things. I will teach you how to contour and highlight using cream and powder. You can always do both at the same time for that extra chiseled look or go with just powder or cream for a softer look.

Your Shopping Basket List:

  1. Dark cream foundation - essentially which is 4 shades darker then your skin colour. It can be a stick or palette or the tube. They'll all give the same result.

  2. Light cream foundation - it should be 2 to 4 shades lighter then your skin colour. Again it can be in any form.

  3. Dark powder - to set the dark cream foundation

  4. Skin colour compact or lighter tinted powder - to set the highlighted part.

  5. Small contouring brush - to apply the cream product. if you have a tube with brush tip of a wand then you don't need this brush.

  6. Small duo fibre brush or beauty blender- to blend the cream product.

  7. Angled brush/blush brush - for the darker powder

  8. Small brush - for the lighter powder.

Step by Step Tutorial:

1. Apply foundation and concealer all over your face and under eye using your favourite technique before you can start contouring it is crucial to get the positioning right

2. Structure your cheekbones

We will first start using cream contour and then set it with contour powder.

Apply directly under the cheekbones(make a fish face to see exactly where your cheekbones are) on both the sides.

Starting from the tip of you ear and go down towards the corner of your lips. The line should start fading before you reach the tip of the lips.

3. Apply the same darker shade on the temple and forehead.

4. Then comes your jawline (or make up's cure to a double chin)

For this you start at the bottom of the ear and draw along your jawline till your chin(or double chin).

This gives a shaper jawline, no more double chin and slimmer look.

5. Before you blend the contoured lines you have to highlight to add that glow. The areas to highlight on are:

a. Under the eyes

b. Center of the chin,

c. Bridge of the nose

d. Forehead and

e. Above the centre of your lips.

6. Blend Awayyyyyyy! Now take a duo fibre brush and blend the highlights and contour lines.

7. Set the contouring with darker powder using the angled contour brush.

Use a small fluffy brush to set the highlight with light colour powder or the popular colour called Banana which is a beautiful yellow shade.

Remaining area should be set using your skin colour compact.

8. Now you can apply your blush.

FACT - Notice how i haven't contoured my nose? This need's a whole post just by itself - watch this space !

P.S. If you have any questions, just drop a comment below + I will get back to you!

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