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Baking your face in 4 steps - everything is easier with a fluffy brush

No...I am not asking you to put your face in the oven and bake it till you burn.

In the most basic terms its a technique where you use a sh** load of translucent powder to set your makeup. The end result is a creaseless under eye, extra chizzled cheekbone and flawless finish. Don't believe me? Then ask Kim Kardashian and her celebrity make up artist Mario.

So how do you bake and where?

I like to bake under the eyes and right under the cheekbone after I've contoured using cream or powder.

1. Start by applying your foundation followed by a thick layer of concealer. Concealers contains oil which cause creasing.

2. Contour the cheekbones with cream or powder or both products. Apply a thick layer of translucent powder like the Makeup Forever HD powder or the Illamasqua Loose Powder under that darkly contoured area using a fluffy brush or a sponge like beauty blender.

3. Again apply a thick layer of translucent powder where you applied the concealer.

4. Now let it "bake" for 10-15 minutes. Baking would mean to let the powder rest on your skin for those 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile you can finish the rest of your makeup, like setting the rest of the face with compact or finish your eye makeup. Then use a fluffy blush brush and dust off the powder.

Voila!! You are baked!!

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