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Skincare routine & Magic # 21

Makeup is transformative - but it ain't going to help you achieve healthy skin.

When I say healthy skin, I don't mean glowing skin. Healthy skin according to me is skin which is not very dry and smooth.

Taking care of skin can be confusing. Thanks to magazines, TV, and the greatest invention ever (Internet), we are surrounded by opinions galore. So what is the solution really? KEEP IT SIMPLE.

But before I share a piece of my mind – you got to know that I am a huge believer in Magic number 21. What is it you ask?

Magic Number - 21

Basically it takes 21 days to form any new habit. So stick to a routine for at least three weeks to see a change! Do these steps continuously for 21 days regularly to make this a habit. I don't guarantee airbrushed looking skin, but at least it will be a step in the right direction!

The magic starts at midnight

So if you hit the sack with stale eyeliner and smeared lipstick you are definitely damaging your skin in the worst way possible. So even if I come back home at 4 am on a Thursday night I always invest 10 minutes (tops) on this routine.

The 5 step night routine

1. Cleanse - Remove all the makeup using your favourite cleanser. my current favourite is the three in one which my husband got for me from Japan. It’s called Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. There are many similar products available in the market.

2. Face wash - I use a face wash only when I feel all the makeup is not out.

3. Face scrub - This step is essential in my daily skin care routine. this removes all the dead skin, and the blackheads.

4. Toner - While cleansing and scrubing opens your pores and a good toner shuts them tight.

Closed pores are a sign of healthy looking skin. if you keep the pores open, you are inviting dirt to settle in your pores. I use Obagi Toner as suggested by my Dermatologist at Obagi.

5. Moisturize - I start with moisturizing my under eye. For the love of God, please start using anti-aging cream after you turn 27. Don't wait for the wrinkles to make your face their permanent house. I use Obagi eye cream. Then I go on to moisturizing my whole face with an Obagi night cream.

For my lazy Cinderellas

So okay – I do have a quick cheat for my wee-hour ladies nights. When my darling husband picks me up (three drinks down) the car is loaded with my SOS cleansing kit which includes:

1. Micellar Cleansing water- for face and eye makeup

2. Atleast 5 cotton pad - yes 5!! make sure everything is out till the last cotton pad is not almost white.

3. Night cream - for face and eyes.

For me personally, the night routine is more important then your day routine but I dropped what I do every morning just in case.

Morning Routine

My morning Routine is quite simple. I start with:

1. Neutrogena Face Wash(optional)

2. Toner

3. Day cream(Face and eye)

4. Sun Block(Obagi Matte SPF 50)

That's my daily skin care routine. Apart from this, once a month I go for a Cleanup Facial at Obagi.

My Post is NOT sponsored by Obagi. I'm just a big fan of their products and facials because of the huge difference it has made in my life.

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