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Save or Spend- Contouring Palettes- NYX v/s Anastasia

In my previous post I spoke about Contouring and highlighting like a Pro. Today I will be focusing on two popular palettes available: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit and the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette.

Which palette gives you bang for your buck?

For me price and numbers do mean a lot and my close friends call me the accountant of the group - so don't be surprised by the amount of math in this post!

The NYX palette consists of 8 shades and is priced at AED 140.

whereas Anastasia palette consists of 6 shades and is priced at AED 220.

By just seeing the numbers you'll probably go with NYX. but we are all forgetting one major factor and that is the expiration date. NYX has a shelf life of 6 months whereas Anastasia has a life of 12 months after opening.

Now if we calculate keeping these factors in mind

NYX = AED 35 Per shade for 12 months

Anastasia = AED 36.67 Per shade for 12 months

Pros and Cons:

NYX pros

1. Two more shades in the palette

2. refillable when you hit the pan

3. Just need two shades? no problem buy just the two shades you need. no need to buy the whole palette

NYX cons

1. Expires in 6 months

2. Its as expensive as Anastasia

3. I feel like it has a slightly more chalky texture

Anastasia pros

1. Expires after 12 months

2. The texture is soft and silky

3. Option of three palettes to choose from

Anastasia cons

1. Only 6 shades in each palette

2. Not very pigmented

3. Not refillable


So it depends on your purpose.

If you are looking for an array of colours then I would go with Anastasia. Though its not pigmented, but you can always build on it and its easy to blend.

As for NYX, even though its chalky, you can keep buffing to get the desired blended look. If you just want one contour color and one highlight colour then I would suggest that you get the individual colours by NYX, rather then investing on the whole palette.

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